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Město Třebíč je otevřené turistům, novým rezidentům a podnikatelům. Tyto stránky jsou informačním rozcestníkem, kde najdete všechny potřebné informace o podnikání, bydlení a trávení volného času v Třebíči. Náš tým je připraven vám pomoci. Jsme tu pro vás.

In Třebíč you can spend your free time actively, passively, with children and family. There are many associations preparing not just a weekend events, but also activities during the week in Třebíč. 

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Activities for Families with Children

Třebíč offers many possibilities to enjoy culture and sport for people of all ages. Great music festivals, concerts, theatrical performance, attractive sport matches and tournaments take place in the town. Especially popular among local tourists are the cultural events organised in the historic centre of the town as a part of the multi-cultrucal festival called “Třebíčské kulturní léto” (Třebíč summer of culture). 

Music festival Zámostí 2015
Culture and Entertainment

Why live in třebíč

Clean environment, almost zero crime rate, lots of possibilities to enjoy sport and culture and excellent public facilities render Třebíč an excellent place where to live.

  • Region with low cost of living – favourable prices of housing and energy,
  • Various types of real property with favourable prices,
  • Well built and functioning infrastructure,
  • Excellent connection to transport networks,
  • Possibility to choose from a wide range of leisure activities.
Costs of Living

The system of educational facilities in Třebíč provides comprehensive education from kindergarten to university. There is also a company kindergarten where children are taught English according to the well-tested method called Wattsenglish; there are kindergartens and primary schools with specialized classes as well as high schools and language schools that also teach Czech for foreigners. 

Schools and Education