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Město Třebíč je otevřené turistům, novým rezidentům a podnikatelům. Tyto stránky jsou informačním rozcestníkem, kde najdete všechny potřebné informace o podnikání, bydlení a trávení volného času v Třebíči. Náš tým je připraven vám pomoci. Jsme tu pro vás.

The Unique Jewish Quarter

The Unique Jewish Quarter

As a reminder of a long and rich history of the Jewish community in Trebic, a unique ghetto has remained as one of the best preserved in Europe. It is very comprehensively preserved in the impressive environment of the river and the rock massif north of the main center of Třebíč. Dense housing, narrow alleys, dark corners, vaulted passages and romantic little squares, includes more than 120 residential houses and now is considered as a unique architectural ensemble, not only in Europe but also in the world.

It has been attested that the Jewish settlement in Třebíč (in Podklášteří) existed already in 1338. Today, the Jewish quarter is the only Jewish quarter in Europe which is completely preserved and it is the only Jewish UNESCO monument outside Israel. 

Crooked streets paved by river pebbles, houses built in various styles of architecture, popping up between each other, mini-courtyards, low entrances, passages and a square small as a peanut – the Jewish quarter seems to be a miniature of the world.

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Do not miss:

  • The Jewish time brought back to life – every July. Costumes, tours, tasting, music and much more. 
  • Shamayim – a festival of Jewish culture in Třebíč. This year, it was held in late July / early August under the aegis of the Embassy of Israel in the Czech Republic.
  • A Tour of the Seligmann Bauer′s House. See an authentic Jewish flat, gaining insight about how they lived, cooked and slept. Part of the tour of the house is a kosher butchery located in a building extension in the courtyard.

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