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The Painted House

The Painted House

A corner house (no. 53) on Charles Square was commissioned by the Venetian merchant Francesco Calligardi at the end of the 16th century. There are a number of scenes with a hunter and lion below the crown, the space between the windows is filled with Biblical characters. In the 1980s, complete reconstruction was conducted. The beautiful interior vaulted ceiling, bold columns, open terrace with arcades, an atrium and a number of rooms were renovated and the sgraffito was also cleaned.

The Painted House is a Renaissance building with a bay window and richly decorated graffito façade depicting mostly scenes from hunting and Biblical figures.

It was built in the late 16th century by Francesco Calligardi, a merchant from Venice. Below the cornice, there are scenes with a hunter and a lion, while between the windows there are Biblical figures. In 1980s, a general repair was necessary. The beautiful internal vault, the singular columns, the opened terrace with arcades, the atrium and a number of rooms were renovated and the graffito décor was cleaned. The renovated ground floor currently serves as an exhibition hall, opposite is an information centre, which was opened in 2002. On the first floor there is a ceremony room.

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