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Companies and the city continue to support crafts

A memorandum about the cooperation between the city, nine large manufacturing companies and the Secondary Technical School in Třebíč was signed by representating participants on Wednesday 25 September at the Town Hall. The Memorandum builds on previous cooperation from 2016 on the support of technical education at elementary schools in Třebíč.

This cooperation pursues the common goal that is promoting practical education in primary schools, promoting crafts and increasing employment, based on the requirements of local manufacturing companies. The memorandum is newly extended to nursery schools.

“In practice, the continuation of this cooperation means that the individual participating companies will support practical education in elementary and nursery schools financially, with the amount of CZK 50,000 per year for four years. Schools will use a total of 450,000 crowns a year to purchase tools and materials for workshop equipment for practical lessons. The secondary technical school will then provide practical lessons for elementary schools. Companies will offer excursions to schools and will also present the professions directly in the classroom, ”said the Mayor of the City, Pavel Pacal, describing the principle of cooperation.

The city will ensure the promotion of the joint project in the form of information boards in all schools, city information channels and an innovative brochure „Choose your profession“, that is presenting the current job offer in schools.

Also all representatives of companies and schools agreed that this cooperation does not only mean providing future employees for companies. This is particularly about promoting manual skills for children and developing technical education in the country, which was among the leaders in crafts and engineering.