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Ambassador in China praised Třebíč for incoming activities

On Monday 14th September, the Deputy Mayor of Třebíč Pavel Pacal met in China with Ambassador Libor Sečka and head of the economic department of the embassy. "We introduced the Ambassador presentation booklet about Třebíč for tourists in Chinese, as well as materials for potential investors. He liked it very much and he appreciated the activities of our city. Furthermore, we have gained contacts on Chinese people interested in investing in the Czech Republic. Very interesting is experience of Czech cities cooperating with China, "said Pavel Pacal directly from China shortly before flying to the city of Yichang. Very few Czech cities cooperate with China yet and Třebíč could join them. After meeting with the ambassador, followed meeting with Chinese businessmen who have expressed interest in cooperation with companies in Třebíč. Further negotiations will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

On Tuesday 15th September, Pavel Pacal meets with the Mayor of Yichang and the Governor of Hubei Province. Meeting will be held at the international conference of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) for the Three Gorges power station. The Deputy Mayor Pacal and incoming specialist Denisa Hájková will return back on 18th September. Costs associated with the stay in Yichang and participation in the international conference of the OECD, are paid by the city of Yichang, which initiated the invitation.