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A planetarium is still missing in the Vysočina Region, and now it should be in Brod and Třebíč as well

One of the priorities of the new Třebíč town hall management is to build a planetarium. It should be opened next fall and will be the second facility of this kind in the Highlands after Havlíčkův Brod. The House of Children and Youth (DDM) has been striving for it for several years, they want to add another building to its current observatory.



“The extension includes two halls. In one of them will be a projection cupola about six meters in size. The second one will be a lecture hall. It will be for the clubs. ”said DDM director Jarmila Pavlíčková.


The construction of a planetarium in the city was put on the agenda by the new city council. The expansion of the observatory is one of the priorities of the city management.


Pavel Pacal, The Mayor of the city personally considers the observatory as one of the attractions in the city. “Under the leadership of Mrs. Jana Svihalkova (head of the observatory) It has a relatively high attendance rate and this would increase even further”. For himself, as a former physics teacher, the mayor also welcomes that the planetarium could bring new people to astronomy.


At present, project documentation is prepared for the whole building. According to Pacal, the first visitors could see the planetarium next year. “But we will definitely not build any giant building. We want it to be mostly functional - to have a large cupola room and technology, ”says Mayor Pacal.


The Třebíč observatory now has two observatories at its disposal - the lower and the upper. The observatory opens to the public on Friday and Saturday evenings in March. During the week there are also several astronomical hobby groups, which are designed from the smallest to adults.