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Město Třebíč je otevřené turistům, novým rezidentům a podnikatelům. Tyto stránky jsou informačním rozcestníkem, kde najdete všechny potřebné informace o podnikání, bydlení a trávení volného času v Třebíči. Náš tým je připraven vám pomoci. Jsme tu pro vás.

The Project of "Třebíč Lives!"

The Project of "Třebíč Lives!"

The town of Třebíč is open to tourists, new residents and businessmen from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. The www.trebiczije.cz website is an information signpost for all these groups. Whether you plan to visit the town, live here or start a business, our team is ready to assist you.

Třebíč is a town in the heart of Europe. In order to convince you that the town is not only a great place where to live, but also an interesting place for investors, we do not want to use empty phrases, but concrete facts. That is why we prepared this website for you. And not only that! We are ready to give a helping hand to new investors from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad in order to support them in starting their successful projects in our town. 

There are many reasons for visiting Třebíč in your free time and, who knows, maybe you will not only find the town an attractive tourist destination, but also decide that you want to live here. Třebíč welcomes new partners in the area of culture, science and business!

Behind the project, there is an Incoming Team of Třebíč, which is headed by the Mayor, Mr Pavel Pacal. We welcome any new ideas, suggestions for improvement and cooperation. 

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